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KEVIN $AVAGE is a Music Producer and Creative Mix Engineer who hails from the Pacific North West. He began his career mixing Black Metal and Dubstep before moving to NYC where he diversified his skills to everything from Pop Electronic to Hip Hop music. 


He has been mentored by Grammy Award winning producer Jeff “The Jedi Master” Jones, and regularly live streams his production techniques on Twitch and produces production content for his Youtube Channel. 


KEVIN $AVAGE has worked for a number of artists and Companies in the NYC area including: Anie Delgado, Rocky Paterra, and Business Insider. He commonly produces music under the name BASS SAVAGE, and has participated in a number of remix competitions for artists such as Kina and Collapsing Scenery where his tracks have garnered thousands of streams. His latest remix of Anie Delgado’s track Galaxy has over 20,000 streams.


Ghetto Benny is a producer out of Harlem whose dream was to produce for his favorite rapper Jay-Z. In his pursuit to create great music, he linked up with  two  special artists out of Harlem. Their names were A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky. He would go on to collaborate on underground  classics with the two artists, producing records such as  Underground Killa’s feat. Raekwon, The Chef by The Wu-Tang Clan and Spice Girls by A$AP Ferg.



Armed with the MPC, an ASR-10 and an impeccable ear for sampling: Ghetto Bennys only goal is to create great music. Driven by his passion, he understands that living in a world where radio singles rule, good music lasts forever.

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